In the past years, it was widely believed that one of the gluconite reviews main causes behind diabetes was a low level of Glucose regulation in the body. Recently, a number of studies have come to the conclusion that this is not the case. What we have all been told in the past, is that insulin resistance is what is causing the lowered blood glucose levels. Now, we all know that insulin resistance cannot be treated by taking more insulin, or even just eating more carbs. The real solution, then, is to look at ways to increase our Insulin sensitivity.


So, what is the basis for this? There are two major players involved here, and the results will surprise you. You've probably heard about these two players, Glucose Enzyme (Glycero-Insulin) and Fructooligyl-CoA Aspartate (FCA). They are both essential for regulating blood glucose levels, but how important is Glucose itself? In a nutshell: It is the master Glycopenic enzyme, which senses the level of glucose in the blood and responds by bringing the insulin level up.


So, if we can't raise the levels of insulin, why do we lower them? Glucose uptake into cells is dependent on substrate molecules that make up the small intestine. When these become imbalanced, glucose is not used for energy, but rather stored. This can lead to weight gain, dehydration, and other undesirable consequences.


So, ideally, we want to keep Glucose regulation as high as possible. However, when hunger strikes and we're faced with a meal that is difficult to control, the need to bring down our glucose levels can become real. For people with diabetes, a key role has been played by Glucose regulation enzymes. These have been shown to keep glucose levels in check even when carbohydrates are difficult to digest.

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